We are currently interested in:

  1. Plasmonics/Quantum effects/Photonics
  2. Optical/electrical tweezing and movement manipulation of small objects
  3. Novel metal/Semiconductor materials and devices and their applications in information technology and biomedicine, e.g. optical sensing/disease screening; display; photodetection; light source, optical metasurfaces...
  4. Developing new techniques/methods in 
    • Top-down cleanroom fabrication and manufacturing
    • Bottom-up chemical processing and assembly
    • Optical and electric fields-assisted assembly of nanostructures
    • Electromagnetic/Thermal/Brownian numerical simulations/modeling
    • Microscopic imaging and spectroscopy techniques

Our current research are funded by:

  1. NSFC/RGC Joint Research Scheme: N_CUHK408/18  (2019-22) 
  2. CUHK Direct Grant: Ref. No. 2016/17, 4053238; Ref. No. 2017/18, 4053307; Ref. No 2018/19, 4053349
  3. Grant From CUHK Department of Physics

Media articles highlighting our previous research results:

  1. Flexible electronic paper in color: Material Views 
  2. Light speeds up nanorod motors: nanotechweb.org
  3. 表面等离激元有望助力生物医疗检测: Material Views China
  4. 可见-近红外波段可调控的光学天线: Material Views China
  5. Best of Advanced Optical Materials: Materials Views
  6. Most-read Chem Soc Rev reviews in 2013: Chemical Society Reviews Blog
  7. Advanced Optical Materials reaches the next level: Advanced Optical Materials
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